Clowning about at a children’s hospital in Delhi: Photostory By RajKRaj

Clowning about at a children’s hospital in Delhi


                                         Clowning about at a children’s hospital in Delhi:
volunteer group by the name of ‘Clownselors’ visit Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya children’s hospital on Saturdays, dressed as clowns wearing wigs while singing and dancing with balloons in their hands. The main objective of such intervention is to provide relief from stress and anxiety for affected children, their parents, nurses and doctors alike inside the hospital premises
Sheetal (C) and her group of volunteers pose for a selfie with everyone dressed as clowns. The group follows a policy of no physical contact with the children or indulging themselves in any selfies during their performance Their ‘Chaplin’ like acts recreates an environment of fun and laughter which gives immense relief to the children.The clowns form a chain as they enter the hospital singing and dancing into the patient wards. They then perform plays, use mimes and even engage the adults in a game with balloons.Many of the volunteers are working professionals who take time off and some have quit their jobs to do clowning full time. Doctors look for the ‘clownselors’ to direct them to specific wards where children show symptoms of slow response to medication. Parents and caregivers also respond positively to laughter therapy.