Punjab's reeling battle with drug addiction Photostory by RAJKRAJ

Punjab’s reeling battle with drug addiction Photo story by RAJKRAJ 

The Drug addiction has been very serious problem in northern part of India, specially in Punjab as I saw on my two day visit in Punjab, I observed A young person laying on the roadside unconscious it was general seen on Punjab. the many rehabilitation center been run by Govt and Private centers. Most of the drug addicts where in poor health spending their money on drugs. they choose lonely place in the night where the take drugs and Injection on regular basis, I show the hundred of drug addicted been treated for the same it was very difficult shoot pictures as some time they become ferocious,
                         Drug addiction,ruining the youth of Punjab as young lads lie unconscious on roadsides and lonely corners in the night are dens of these youth to take drugs.on my two day visit to Punjab I saw our helpless youth with poor health but becomes violent if they see me clicking. drug addicts in recovery, take part in a detoxification therapy session at a rehab center in Punjab, as private centers are into money minting and  push the sale of drugs. Buprenorphine is used to treat addiction of heroin and narcotic painkillers are made available only in government-run de-addiction centers and only for indoor patients. Majority of drug abusers aging between 16-35 have revealed that they have spent as much as Rs 5,000 a day on synthetic pills and injected heroin after believing the myth that it guarantees sexual intercourse for 30 minutes. Most young drug addicts opted for the rehab drill are victims of excessive negligence at home. According to the records,  April-November 2013,  crackdown on street drug peddling led to 9,305 FIRs, over 3.19 lakh injections and 3.1 crore pharmaceutical drugs (that can be misused) were recovered. Punjab’s jails house 28,000 inmates in drug-related cases against a capacity of 18,000.