Treasure hunt from black Yamuna river Photo Essay BY RAJKRAJ

Treasure hunt from black  Yamuna river Photo Essay BY RAJKRAJ

From shani mandir to shamshan on the banks of river Yamuna two names are well-known  banarsi lal ,age 46 from baliya [u.p] and rajbir ,age 38 from Jharkhand. They seem normal but when you go close to them there cuts and black fingers and toes cry out loud of there pain and red eyes scare you but there smile and positive attitude makes you want to know more about them. Banarsi lal  is diving in Yamuna for last 20 years and rajbir for last 18 years. Rajbir ‘s wife just expired few days back and he is diving again to earn for his two sons while banarsi lal never married though he teaches others the skill of diving.From policemen to kabadi walas they are always in touch with them. Police needs there help to dig out bodies in the river. There teasure hunt can lead to gold ,silver other metals for kabadiwalas and coins for themselves. They may get idols for resale from the dark river.   Banarsi lal has found a friend in his disciple rajbir as they share whatever treasure they find. Dirty river has not dampen there spirits of feeling obliged for the holy Yamuna for them as they consider it as holy as ganges river. With water level rising they would be shifting from Yamuna bazaar to okhla for the hope of earning their daily bread.  Photo Essay BY RAJKRAJ